We’re guessing that like us you’re reveling in the constant stream of aural magic flowing from the African continent in recent years, music that may never have reached our ears were it not for the sterling work of labels like Awesome Tapes From Africa, Sahel Sounds, Strut and others.

Ata Kak’s music is joyful Ghanaian highlife with heavy doses of disco, house and rap and that utterly beguiling feeling that Francis Bebey shares of someone having a funky riot on his own in his home studio. Much more upfront and with much greater compulsion to take to the dancefloor than Bebey’s languid bliss, though – it’s impossible to keep still while listening to the Ata Kak album Obaa Sima, a record that was found purely by chance by Brian Shimovitz on a musicological trip to Ghana and became the launchpad for his Awesome Tapes From Africa blog – ‘This is it. The song is called Moma Yendodo. You may never hear anything like this elsewhere. No one I know in Ghana listens to this frenetic leftfield rap madness.’

Awesome Tapes reissued the album in 2015 to widespread excitement and the pure joyousness of Obaa Sima spread rapidly through Europe’s adventurous listening community. A blazing Ata Kak band was duly created and numerous festival stages were set alight through 2016. This is music that is pure, unadulterated let-yourself-go joy and something we had to bring to Safe As Milk.

So, go on, let yourself go!