North East electronicist Stephen Bishop leaves 2 sets of deep footprints: as the man behind the great Opal Tapes label that has issued incredible recordings by Wanda Group, Karen Gwyer, Patricia and many others, and as the producer operating under the name Basic House. Like his label, Bishop’s recordings can have their feet in multiple camps at any one time. He clearly loves the dancefloor – pounding kicks, momentous reverb, the build, the peak, the escape. He’s also very evidently drawn to the darker sides of music in a similar way to fellow traveller Helm and can veer between repetitive ecstasy and what sounds like Sewer Election hijacking the Basic Channel studio.

Bishop is a producer with a sound designer’s ear and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine his next move being horror soundtracks. Though now we’ve said that, he’ll probably deliver one of his squelchy, hands-in-the-air techno sets. Either way, it’ll be a display of his superior sonics and you should dive right in.