You may have first heard Benjamin John Power as one half of pop-noise duo Fuck Buttons but we suspect his solo work as Blanck Mass is beginning to eclipse his pairing with Andrew Hung. The Guardian has described his live shows as an “intense voyage into inner space” and thrilled at how “the beats have landed like shock troops: kinetic, turbulent, often thrillingly aggressive. This intense, hour-long set thrums with a ceaseless cyborg pulse, anchoring the blitzkrieg of urgent, klaxon-like synth modulations and forcefully percussive loops.”

To date, power has issued a brace of Blanck Mass albums (2011’s self-titled outing on Rock Action and 2015’s Dumb Flesh on Sacred Bones) and appeared on the soundtrack to Ben Wheatley’s filmic voyage into mediaeval folk psychedelia, A Field In England. His new album World Eater will appear in March and ups the stakes once more – seat-of-your-pants space travel, frankly deranged r&b, punishing beats all sewn together with interspersing passages of deeply unsettling minimalism that can only signify the imminent return of the onslaught, all the while wrapped in a sound as big as a galaxy. Ultimately, whether you want extreme music or want to rave (and who doesn’t want both?), Blanck Mass will take you on a voyage of discovery.