Now approaching their 4th decade of existence, Swedish group Brainbombs’ extensive output could, like their unofficial website, be underscored with the strapline Genius And Brutality. Their dark tales of dismemberment and recreational violence won’t settle everyone’s stomach, though you may be as repulsed by their subject matter as you are turned on by their route-one, Stooge-like approach to relentless garage punk groove. Brainbombs remain a very underground concern, though those that love them do tend to get quite fanatical about it and if, this weekend, you too become a slave to their rhythm, you’ll understand why.

As Holly Day wrote in Maximum Ink “This album quickly degenerates into this brutal, harsh landscape of guitars getting the shit beat out of them, frightening vocals obscured by layers of distortion and static and lyrics about Jack the Ripper and Satan, and a drumbeat that tries desperately to match your heartbeat then speed it up to dangerous levels. As the album goes on (and the band matures) these songs get more violent and scary and less concerned with being pretty. The music’s a fucking panic attack. It’s just gorgeous. ”

This is Brainbombs first ever UK show.