The music of Australian Carla Dal Forno is another recently discovered pleasure we’re excited to bring to the first Safe As Milk. Her debut album You Know What It’s Like (Blackest Ever Black) is coated in deadpan detachment and urban ennui, thinly veiling deeper thoughts and feelings. She paints this musically by adorning her subtly arranged songs with deep aural atmospheres. There are echoes of Nico and Joy Division in the record and you also can’t help wondering if she is aware other people will hear this music. There’s a strong sense of self-absorption and the urge to understand where this music is coming from just draws you in. Laura Snapes’ review for Pitchfork maybe puts it best: “intimacy doesn’t mean comfort and consistency, but attaining a level of trust that allows you to run alongside someone into the void. Cosmic swarms surround minimal, dystopian dub on “Fast Moving Cars,” which maintains a potent, heavy pace. It eventually swallows dal Forno’s voice as it melts into the ether, sublimating certainty and centering the thrill of the fringes.”