We’re so excited to bring the legendary Chrome to Safe As Milk. Albums like Half Machine Lip Moves, Red Exposure and Alien Soundtracks remain classics to many, each one a catalogue of genius riffs The Stooges would be proud of and showcasing their bizarre mix of Cabaret Voltaire-style electro-pop and their gloriously dystopian take on Hawkwind-style space rock.

Chrome were born in 1975 in the hands of the late Damon Edge, hooking up with searing guitarist Helios Creed a year later to create a series of genius recordings that still sound as raucous as they did decades ago. Creed has been described as a legendary guitarist who “exploded the possibilities of what psychedelic, punk, new wave and industrial rock could sound like with his guitar work in Chrome [and] is one of the greatest guitarists of all of rock music” (Andrew Stecz in 2012 in Examinar.com). Ministry and others were clear beneficiaries of Chrome’s influence but none can match their gleefully louche and chemically-aided abandon.

Despite Edge’s passing in 1995, Chrome’s fire still burns bright. Creed is incredibly prolific both solo and at the helm of Chrome, who seem to have gained a renewed urgency in the last couple of years and forthcoming album Techromancy rages thrillingly, with every ingredient we love about classic Chrome in full effect.