Cloud Becomes Your Hand at full flight can sound like some unholy union between Kevin Ayers and The Cardiacs – no mean feat and no doubt sounds like a dream combination for many of you attending Safe As Milk. Loopy melodies and densely meandering compositions are coated in Bitches Brew synths, driving rhythms and ping-pong vocal interactions that summon hard (prog) rock and manic pop all at once.

The Brooklyn sextet are led by multi-instrumentalist Stephe Cooper and hailed as “complex art-­pop that bursts into being from fragments and scraps”. Cloud Becomes Your Hand casually sidestep the academic though; this is joyful music for the manic child inside us all. As Stereogum described them, “The band is as animated as their new video (Hermit) might suggest — sometimes filthy with distortion, other times entirely cartoonish. This juxtaposition lends itself to the ever-sporadic nature of their composition, which pivots from moments of light-heartedness without warning to face storms of tactfully interlocking chaos!”

Cloud Becomes Your Hand are touring Europe with Horse Lords and Zs and we can’t wait to witness their irresistibly joyful noise at Safe As Milk.