These two names will leap out at all lovers of the band Suicide immediately. Sadly Alan Vega passed away last year but we’re delighted to see Martin Rev clearly still in rude health and as dynamic musically as ever he was. At Safe As Milk he’s joined by Craig Leon, the producer of the first Suicide album and records by many others that may grace your collection, including Blondie, The Ramones, The Bangles, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Fall. Leon has also produced his own string of sublime electronic albums, his great Nommos album reissued by Superior Viaduct and bringing him a whole new audience of younger electronica fans. Julian Cope compared Nommos to LaMonte Young, Meredith Monk and Cluster.

So, two huge names with tentacles permeating through the most righteous electronica and rock n roll of recent decades and this is their very first live show together ahead of recording their first duo album later this year. Two legends still making history – be there!