The influence of Gerald Donald’s work as half of Drexciya and their sublime output from beneath the Underground Resistance umbrella seems to still be some way from peaking despite their last productions emerging in 2002. Donald has long since moved on though (and away – he’s now based in Germany), creating another significant impact on vinyl shelves with his output as half of the duo Dopplereffekt. Again there’s a mythology intertwined with his musical productions and, on the surface at least, Dopplereffekt could be regarded as some bizarre Afro-futurist/Kraftwerk hybrid. Whereas Rolf, Florian et al tend to embrace a relatively jolly future of robotic fun and online liaisons though, Dopplereffekt hint at a darker horizon tainted with eugenics and invasive scientific developments, all driven by an irresistible machine-funk electro pulse that perfectly matches the dystopian disco demons that Dopplereffekt summon.