Jamal Moss got sucked into Chicago’s dancefloor world at a tender age, getting turned away from clubs at age 12 as he sought a diversion from the influence of an overbearing Christian upbringing and started weaving into the spheres of afro-futurism, sound art and 4-to-the-floor ecstasy. He formed dance groups that battled rival troupes at hip hop parties and eventually showed his face in the more progressive warehouses after being invited in by the legendary DJ Ron Hardy. This formed the launch pad to where he is today, birthing multiple albums annually via his own Mathematics label, RVNG Intl, Soul Jazz and many more and in constant global demand as live performer and DJ, collaborating with the likes of Marshall Allen, Daniel Carter and Greg Fox and never losing sight of the ever-more-cosmic dancefloor. Jamal always has his eye on the celestial prize: “I’m thinking of this whole other galactic picture, of trying to make the world a better place,” he says. “I get so caught up, I forget basic essentials.” Like what? “Like getting proper underwear.”

You get a double helping of Hieroglyphic Being at Safe As Milk as he performs live and brings us one of his legendary genre-destroying DJ sets. Set your controls for the heart of the sun.