Listening to Toward The Omega Point on Horse Lords’ recent Interventions album (Northern Spy) may feel like the discovery of some post-math rock Holy Grail, sounding as it does like mid-period Don Caballero covering Richard Thompson-era Fairport Convention (or perhaps even vice versa). And like both those outfits, the Baltimore quartet use complexity to inspire joy and exhilaration. Chiming guitars interlock with crisp, polyrhythmic drums, electronics and sax, countering melodic loops swirling in and out of each other’s trajectories. There are echoes of Glenn Branca too and its important to recall that Horse Lords are a band from previously more abstract attitudes, those tactics echoed in the generous lacings of found sounds and synth expressions adorning Interventions, making their submission to rhythm and drive all the more rewarding. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself involuntarily cheering Horse Lords on as they scale their compositional summits and smilingly plant their flag in your consciousness.