Karen Gwyer hails from Michigan originally and kind of fell into music-making for audiences accidentally after her bedroom hobby just got a bit out of hand. 5 years later and the velvety liquid dance music she sculpts is developing quite a fat little discography. The wonderful Kiki The Wormhole (Opal Tapes) was the first record of Karen’s to grab us by the ears – there’s something very motorik and insistent about that whole album and yet its like your being lifted up and carry away on a giant cushion. Her reputation has blossomed from there, last year’s split with Beatrice Dillon plus her 12” Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase (Don’t Be Afraid) catching a whole lot of ears in 2016. Karen’s live sets build and build too, with gallons of classic dancefloor euphoria generously ladled over the heads of everyone within hearing distance.