Steven Stapleton’s evolving collective began their musical life with a homage to the pillars of adventurous music by including the legendary Nurse With Wound List within their first album, Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella. Since then they’ve joined such List luminaries as Henry Cow, Faust, John Cage and Soft Machine and become pillars themselves. Surfacing around the same time as Throbbing Gristle’s first album, NWW were regarded by many as part of the Industrial scene, though Stapleton says their intentions were always fired more by free improvisation and krautrock.

Stapleton is the one constant in NWW, a band with an evolving membership that has previously drawn in members and collaborators including Jim O’Rourke, William Bennett, Stereolab, Sunn O))) and David Tibet, settling in recent years to a quartet with long-time member Colin Potter plus Matthew Waldron and Andrew Liles.

Nurse With Wound returned to live performance in the mid-noughties after a 21-year absence though appearances are still pretty rare, so we’re delighted to bring them to this first Safe As Milk.