You’ll probably know Yoshimi P-We as a core member of that great Japanese institution Boredoms and as the subject of Flaming Lips’ ode in her honour, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. You may also know that in 1997 she formed a fake band called OOIOO to open for Sonic Youth, complete with stickers on frets to remind them where to play. From those theatrical beginnings, Yoshimi has honed OOIOO into a pristine rhythmic machine of thunderous beats, infectious chants, call and response vocals and what can genuinely be described as transcendent music.

Like all her work with Boredoms, OOIOO record and perform in a way that is always a spectacle, both visually and musically, and is driven by the power of the rhythms the collective so powerfully summon, “with songs that sometimes evoke fusion-era Miles Davis, Konono No.1, and the European prog-rock band Gong within the same five minutes” (Pitchfork)