Enigmatic London duo Rezzett started out posting a series of esoteric videos on Youtube before coming to the attention of Will Bankhead and his The Trilogy Tapes label. They’ve now released 5 12”s for TTT as well as 2 remixes of Omar Souleyman for Palace Skateboards’ new label. Who Rezzett actually are remains a mystery but rawness is a central ingredient in all their productions, a jagged sheen pervading, as though all their recordings are bounced between vintage tape decks and willfully overloaded for sublime distortion.

So who and what is Rezzett? They’ve been described as ambient jungle (?), techno, breaks – like all the best stuff, it doesn’t fit neatly into a pigeon hole and, like magpies, they pick shiny morsels from various locations and meld them into one great, unifying monument of sound. Speculation is rife as to who they are though. Some have suggested its Actress or Zomby (it’s neither) – to be perfectly honest, we don’t know either but have been so bowled over by their “decayed, drawn-out techno-ambient”, as Pitchfork described it. “Each bar is led with a strong kick that quickly fades back into the maelstrom of rusted textures washing over the track. There might be three different hi-hats blundering into each other throughout, occasionally interrupted by dulled bumps and clangs. As “Goodness” swells and snowballs, the cascade of descending synths turns the stomach over each loop—a rollercoaster cart that relentlessly chugs its way to the top of the rails, only to find itself lost in the clouds.”