Andrew Weatherall described Warm Digits very neatly as “machine funk kraut-a-delia – it’s rather lovely!” The Newcastle/Manchester duo certainly do wear their influences on their sleeves – you’ll hear echoes of Neu!, Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada, Giorgio Moroder and others in their music. These are disparate influences though and not easily melded into one band’s approach without a serious arsenal of your own ideas and strengths, and Warm Digits certainly have those.

And Warm Digits are a whirlwind live – raging drums, scything guitar chops, pulsating electronics and live video, all primed to make you move like Ralf and Florian were born in Detroit in the 80s. The duo have a new album out this year on Memphis Industries, including some of their most dance-able tracks yet and a number of special guest vocalists. Expect them to be all over the radio in the next few months and strap yourself in for their kosmische rollercoaster of a live set at Safe As Milk.