Brooklyn’s Zs is the “brutal prog” trio of Sam Hillmer (tenor sax), Patrick Higgins (guitar electronics) and Greg Fox (drums); you’ll also know Greg Fox as drummer of the great Liturgy and for recordings with Fox Millions Duo, Hieroglyphic Being and Guardian Alien, Higgins and Hillmer also being leading lights in the NYC avant music scene, the latter also recording as Diamond Terrifier.

The Zs line-up has evolved in recent years to this ultra-tight 3-piece, most recent album Xe (Northern Spy) taking in stark minimalism, extreme prog/jazz and all points between, laced with life-affirming multi-rhythmic virtuousity. Reviewing Xe, The Quietus spoke of Zs “pushing the lines dividing rubbery Zorn-damaged skronk, vintage Fort Thunder skree, post-hardcore freakery, and deep noise maw to their breaking points” while “opener ‘The Future Of Royalty’ rolls out with an insistent, clap-heavy skitter which brings to mind MIA’s drum machine as reprogrammed by Daniel Menche”.

Just seeing Fox at full steam behind a drumkit is always a sight to behold so this is going to be quite some spectacle.