We’re delighted to tell you about a whole host of action in the on-site pub during Safe As Milk and our unmissable menu of DJ action all over the festival right through the weekend.

At Safe As Milk, there’s going to be a whole weekend of action in the on-site pub courtesy of our friends at The Wire, The Quietus and Bleep.com, including screenings, talks, exclusive performances and DJ sets, and more.

We’ll publish the full timetable for the pub in the coming weeks but just wanted to let you know what our 3 media partners are cooking up because it’s really quite special.

The Wire’s programme will include a live version of their Invisible Jukebox featuring Richard Dawson, where Derek Walmsley from The Wire will play a series of unseen tracks to Richard and they will discuss them and his own musical loves and influences. Anyone who’s read an interview with Richard or heard him guesting on Late Junction will know how very entertaining this will be.

Another major coup for The Wire is their talk with techno genius Jeff Mills about his favourite comic books and how they have inspired his own work – its always great to get a new insight on the work of an artist you admire and this has to score maximum points on that front. The Wire will also talk to author Robert Barry about his book The Music Of The Future, described by Robert as “a history of failures, mapping 200 years of attempts by composers, performers and critics to imagine a future for music.”

Along with some special DJ sets and one of their infamous music quizzes, The Wire have also arranged for Finnish krautmetalpsych heroes Circle to perform a cosmic/acoustic set in the pub during the weekend too – so you’ll get a double helping of Helsinki’s finest.

Bleep have some tricks up their sleeve that we’re not quite going to reveal just yet but we can tell you that they will host a Polytik Modular Synths workshop in the pub – the Polytik synths have been developed by Dirty Electronics’ John Richards and designer Jack Featherstone and they have a range on sale that have been embedded with code from artists such as Mark Fell and Factory Floor. We’ll have details on how to sign up for these workshops soon. John Richard and Hans Lo will lead the workshop and also deliver a full-on AV set that will be something to behold.

Bleep are also lining up some very special DJ sessions in the pub and their tenure will be just as gloriously squelchy and beat-driven as you’d hope.

And The Quietus bring us another delightful menu of pub action, including what we think will be one of the most talked about features of the whole weekend, You Are Mark E Smith! That’s right – sign up for our Fall-based karaoke and front a live band in the pub to blast out your favourite banger penned by indie rock’s most revered curmudgeon.

Also as part of the Quietus’ proceedings, Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor will present a screening of his acclaimed documentary Mirage Men about how the US government used mythology to cover up their advanced technology, followed by a q&a, which is bound to be fascinating.

As if that’s not enough, there’ll also be The Quietus Hour live radio podcast where 2 guests (soon to be announced) each choose five songs and then discuss why they mean so much to them. And John Doran will also deliver one of his great Outernational DJ sets featuring Middle Eastern/African dance music for the purposes of late night disco dancing – and sweaty pleasure!

We’ve also got some very special DJ action happening all through the weekend at Safe As Milk. All throughout the live programme on both stages, we’re constructing an amazing DJ rota, so it’ll be wall-to-wall genius music even when there’s no one on stage. We’re delighted to announce that amongst the weekend’s resident DJ’s we’ll have the much-loved Marc Riley spinning discs on Saturday night when The Residents and Butthole Surfers appear (if he doesn’t explode with excitement!) and we’ve also enlisted Brian Turner from New Jersey’s essential radio station and global purveyor of aural delights, WFMU.

We’ve lined up some very special late night DJ sets too, including live vinyl shakedowns from This Is Not This Heat’s Charles Bullen, that man with Chicago warehouse music and Afro-futurism running through his veins Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being, plus a rare DJ set from stone-cold Berlin legend Mark Ernestus, who has decades of seminal vinyl output to his name as half of both Basic Channel and Rhythm& Sound (and much more besides, check his discography).

All this on top of our murderous live line-up, our amazing marketplace and a whole bunch iof things we still haven’t even told you about yet!